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April 19, 2012:
Got Deposed! What a bunch of fabricated records.


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Law is the most unprofessional of professions. Law is based on the best society has to offer at lies and deceit to sell out people. For some reason (they got money from Lockheed-Martin to screw me) the 2 lawyers I had never put things in writing (so they could just lie to me about "getting a letter out"). It was like when I dealt with Lockheed-Martin's legal team. This was a quite a shock and not a good time to learn about the wonderful world of lawyers.

First Law Firm :

The Armstrong Law Firm

I don't believe Kelly ever did anything. Her paralegal actually wrote a letter to Lockheed-Martin requesting my employment records (payroll, personnel file, etc). I was verbally told I would get my payroll records, anything I signed, and a review of my personnel file. The only thing I got was what I had signed (the only records with no evidence of Lockheed-Martin's criminal conduct - surprise surprise). This letter must have scared Lockheed-Martin quite a bit because Kelly dropped me like a hot potato the very next day. I must be worth some money to screw over.

Second Law Firm :

Figari Law

What can I say? Just one verbal lie after another and absolutely nothing to show for being represented by Barbara. Must be a monthly screw your client fee involved.

After having been represented by 3 lawyers for about a year and a half, I have nothing to show for it.