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April 19, 2012:
Got Deposed! What a bunch of fabricated records.


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Brief Description

This site concerns my career coming to an abrupt end at Lockheed-Martin as a result of abrupt Whistleblower/Retaliation on the Air Force Project SBIRS in Sunnyvale California. I was fired for cause for talking to Program Management about my manager's falsifying test reports. When my boss found out a long string of spiteful/criminal acts were committed by my manager. Fully back by Lockheed-Martin's legal team.

Defense Contractor Fraud on 2 other Lockheed-Martin programs (L1011 and P909) that I have direct knowledge of is also covered.

This website was create above all else in the belief that sleazy/criminal people do the things that they do because they think they can get away with it. As a fire/unemployed person you can easily be stepped on and throw out with the trash (Human Resource's primary job).

Lady Corporate Crack Whore of Justice only acts to deny/destroy/fabricate evidence to protect institutional/corporate fraud. People stand no chance so don't even bother with Justice, just post everything you have online.

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