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April 19, 2012:
Got Deposed! What a bunch of fabricated records.


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P922 was a satellite project that was the most fraudulent program I have ever been on. The satellite was still-born. It was launched and never worked. Because it never worked, it had a full tank of hydrazine. To avoid any danger from this coming back to earth, the government shot it down.

MSNBC Shot Down Link
CNN Shot Down Link

Antonym of Fraud: The Program Manager mandated that no Discrepancy Report be made. This allows the claim that everything is "OK" and give me (the Program Manager) a big bonus. Of course that wasn't the case

Right after thermal vac (about 3 months before launch) it was discovered after taking photos of the main board (since you will never see the satellite again it is required to photograph everything) that the board was not radiation harden. It was a lab board not intended to be use for flight. To get around this problem (bonuses on the line again), the order was to have the markings on the component rubbed off and the photo retaken. It was also decide by the program manager to have software rewrite the code to write twice in the hopes of recovering from a bit error. (This was the software can solve anything line of logic!!) About 2 weeks before launch it was discovered that the Attitude Control System (The most important part of software for controlling the satellite) was not capable of doing the first maneuvers. This was very shocking. The people responsible had never tested or run their software on the simulator. What's more I had never seen these people on the program (I knew anyone that had anything to do with software/testing in the Avionics Lab). Who knows where they hung out and what they did with their time. This became a let the satellite fly around for a while (be a rock) while the software gets rewritten. Once the satellite was launched, the satellite telemetry showed the mainboard throwing bit errors and then the computer died after about 10 mins. It simply got fried from the radiation. I should also mention that this was not the first still-born satellite for the "System Architect". I would really like to know his complete record.